Laura Alexander Comments on Antitrust Law Affecting State-Level Enforcers

In Law360’s October 8, 2021 article “Antitrust Venue Law Would Embolden State-Level Enforcers,” AAI Vice President of Policy Laura Alexander comments on the bipartisan bill spearheaded by Sens. Amy Klobuchar and Mike Lee.

From the article:

Advocates for tougher antitrust enforcement are hopeful that despite some pushback, the bill picks up enough votes during this Congress. Laura Alexander, vice president of policy at the American Antitrust Institute, told Law360 the bill “recognizes that state AGs are government enforcers and are more akin to the federal government than to private plaintiffs when it comes to antitrust.”

“We certainly think that state AGs are a critical part of antitrust enforcement,” she said.

Alexander said the bill would not lead to more suits being filed, “but it does mean that suits that otherwise would be proceeding in centralized courts are proceeding in two different courts.”

“I think that concern is a little bit overblown because when you do have state cases centralized with private cases, there are still several state-specific issues that need to be addressed in
litigation,” Alexander said.