Financial Times Reports on Increasing Antitrust Attention on Private Equity, Citing AAI Report on Competition Concerns from Private Equity in Healthcare

The May 23, 2022 Financial Times story, Private Equity Moves into the Antitrust Spotlight, cites AAI’s report on private equity in healthcare. In June, AAI in collaboration with the University of California at Berkeley Petris Center, released a pathbreaking study of the competition impacts of surging private equity investment in healthcare. The report urged lawmakers and enforcers to increase their scrutiny of private equity companies’ moves into healthcare, including evasion of antitrust scrutiny and their roll-up and buy-and-build strategies that threaten to consolidate markets and decrease competition. The Financial Times article reports on the recent moves from the United States Department of Justice to do just that.

From the FT article:

“Laura Alexander at the American Antitrust Institute said private equity firms have been ‘talented at finding regulatory cracks . . . they are particularly adept at exploiting reporting thresholds and reporting requirements for antitrust review.’”

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