Diana Moss Discusses Implications of the European Union’s Fine on Google with NPR All Things Considered

Diana Moss was quoted in the July 18, 2018 NPR All Things Considered story Google Fined $5 Billion By E.U. For Breaking Antitrust Rules.

Diana Moss, president of the American Antitrust Institute, says Europe has been much more aggressive in its oversight of tech giants than the U.S. It has asked Apple and Amazon to hand over what it says are unpaid taxes.            

In May, the EU began enforcement of a strict privacy law that affects companies like Google and Facebook. But Moss thinks the EU order is actually too little too late. Moss thinks these companies have been allowed to get too big.            

 DIANA MOSS: And that’s been the result of very lax enforcement. And so now we are facing the difficult problem of how to attack these competition problems.