The American Antitrust Institute’s 2022 Antitrust Enforcement Awards will recognize achievements in antitrust litigation by legal practitioners and economists. Both third-party and self-nominations are accepted. Entrants can submit multiple cases or matters. Anonymous nominations will not be accepted. There is no submission fee. To enter, please complete entry form below no later than July 29, 2022.

Nominations must be certified and signed by an attorney or economist (“practitioner”) who is familiar with the case. If a marketing, public relations, or other consultant participates in preparing the nomination form, the certifying practitioner who signs the form avers that he or she has carefully reviewed the nomination for accuracy and completeness. All nominations must include a complete list of the team members, including individuals and their firms who worked on the case and deserve to be recognized. In its discretion, and/or in the interests of fairness, the Judging Committee may supplement or combine multiple, overlapping nominations, but it is not responsible for conducting research into nomination forms or adding firms or individuals not listed on any nomination.  Nominees are strongly encouraged to scrupulously avoid excluding deserving individuals or firms from a nomination.


  • Person Completing the Entry Form:

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  • List the individual or team members you are nominating. You must include a first and last name, affiliation, email address, and phone number for each person listed. Please see the Guidelines for Nominations in the 2023 Awards Procedures before completing this section.
  • Please identify one:
  • Please summarize the nominee’s specific role and responsibilities for the case or matter for which you are submitting this nomination.
  • Please describe the specific challenges of the case or matter for which you are submitting this nomination.
  • Please summarize the key contribution (strategy, tactic or innovation) you/your nominee made to address the challenges of this case or matter.
  • Please describe the specific outcomes of your/your nominee's(s’) efforts.
  • Please describe the specific contribution to the development of antitrust law/economics/competition policy.
  • This case or matter qualifies for an award because the following occurred between July 1, 2022 and June 30, 2023 (Check at least one box):
  • Please upload or link to key documents in the case or matter that will allow the Judging Committee to verify eligibility, verify the contents of this nomination form, understand the key issues in the case, and identify all attorneys, experts and consultants meaningfully involved in the case. Key documents may include but are not limited to Opinions, Settlement Orders, Briefs, and any other documents that support award eligibility or qualifications. Nominations submitted without key documents or that are otherwise missing important information are disfavored by the Judging Committee. The Judging Committee does not conduct research to fill gaps in missing information and will reject a nomination if the information provided cannot be verified or is otherwise insufficient. Please see the 2023 Awards Procedures, including the Guidelines for Nominations, for additional information.
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    Accepted file types: docx, pdf, jpg, png, Max. file size: 20 MB, Max. files: 5.
    • You must list the names and email addresses of all co-lead counsel in the case and the economic experts involved in the case. Please also share names and contact information of colleagues who are familiar with the nominee’s work on this case. Such colleagues may include but are not limited to co-counsel, opposing counsel, opposing experts, and other consultants.
    • Nominations will not be accepted unless they have been certified and signed by an attorney or economist (“practitioner”) who is familiar with the case. By signing below, the practitioner certifies that this nomination complies with the 2023 Awards Procedures and is accurate and complete to the best of his or her knowledge. If a marketing, public relations, or other consultant has assisted in preparing any part of this nomination form, the practitioner certifies that he or she has reviewed the part(s) and attests that the part(s) comply with the 2023 Awards Procedures and are accurate and complete.
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    • Please cite any press accolades or other independent endorsements.
    • Please share your final thoughts on why you/your nominee deserves this honor.


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