The American Antitrust Institute (AAI) 2021 Antitrust Enforcement Awards will recognize achievements in antitrust litigation by legal practitioners and economists. Both third-party and self-nominations are accepted. Entrants can submit multiple cases or matters. Anonymous nominations will not be accepted. There is no submission fee.

To enter, please send the completed entry form below no later than July 30, 2021. You are welcome to attach citation to any judicial opinions or final orders being relied upon.


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  • Please summarize the key contribution (strategy, tactic or innovation) you/your nominee made to address the challenges of this case/cause or project.
  • Please describe the specific outcomes of your/your nominee's(s’) efforts.
  • Please describe the specific contribution to the development of antitrust law/economics/competition policy.
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  • Please share names and contact information of colleagues who are familiar with the nominee’s work on this case. This could include co-counsel, opposing counsel, consultants, and others.


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