AAI’s Big Tech Analysis Covered in Broadcasting + Cable

The April 16 article “Antitrust Group Not Hopeful Trump Can Tackle Big Tech Issues” from Broadcasting + Cable covers AAI’s The State of Antitrust Enforcement and Competition Policy in the U.S. analysis of Big Tech’s consolidation under the Trump Administration. From the article:

In a new analysis, “Antitrust Enforcement and Competition Policy in the U.S.,” which suggests the Trump Administration antitrust enforcement has been lax, the institute said the urge to break up or regulate Big Tech has been a reaction to Trump Administration antitrust inaction, and that without aggressive action using a variety of antitrust enforcement tools, neither Congress not the Administration are likely to address concerns about the size and power of Big Tech.

It suggests that had the Administration had a more balanced antitrust toolkit that included competition, regulatory, interoperability, and intellectual property policies, the blunter instrument of breakup might not take such a potentially “outsized” role to solving the “economic, social, and even political problems” the institute concedes are raised by digital tech companies.