Moss Quoted in Bloomberg Article on Democratic Presidential Hopefuls’ Interest in Antitrust

AAI President Diana Moss is quoted in the July 3 Bloomberg article “It’s Not Just Warren. The Next Democratic President Is Coming for Your Monopoly” that discusses how Democratic presidential hopefuls are “coming out in force against the rapid pace of corporate consolidation.” From the article:

Even so, a Democrat in the White House would face legal constraints delivering on the wholesale breakup of industries that Warren and Sanders seek. It would be difficult to pass new antitrust laws while Republicans can filibuster legislation in the Senate, and the swelling ranks of conservative judges Trump has been appointing mostly aren’t supportive of more aggressive interpretation of antitrust law, said Diana Moss, president of the American Antitrust Institute.

“The probability is low under the current system that you would get the breakups envisioned by some of the candidates,” Moss said. AT&T was the last major U.S. company broken up on antitrust grounds more than three decades ago.