David DeRamus

David W. DeRamus is a founding member of Bates White and currently serves as the firm′s Managing Partner. He specializes in economic and financial analysis, quantitative modeling, antitrust analysis, pricing analysis, damages analysis, and valuation. Dr. DeRamus has a comprehensive background in industrial organization, international economics, antitrust economics, microeconomics, finance, and statistical analysis. Dr. DeRamus has extensive experience applying economic analysis to a wide range of business problems in the areas of antitrust, energy, transfer pricing, product liability forecasting, tax-related litigation, contract disputes, and the estimation of damages in a variety of litigation contexts. Dr. DeRamus has served as both a testifying and consulting expert in a wide range of cases, including antitrust cases, energy-related dispute proceedings before federal and state regulatory commissions, rule-making proceedings, market design issues, class certification proceedings, market manipulation cases, applications for market-based rate authority, mergers and acquisitions, and other commercial litigation.