FTC Applauded by AAI for scheduling workshops on merger remedies and best practices

Mar 28 2002
Testimony and Interventions

"Toward Guidelines for Merger Remedies"

By e-mail to the FTC Staff at remedies@ftc.gov and bestpractices@ftc.gov:

The American Antitrust Institute applauds the initiative of the FTC in scheduling workshops on best practices for the merger review process and merger remedies.

We offer as comments my article, Toward Guidelines for Merger Remedies, 52 Case Western Reserve Law Review 211-230, originally presented in summary at the American Antitrust Institute's national conference in June, 2001. The article deals with many of the issues the workshops will be considering. We hope that one of the questions to be pondered is whether new guidelines would be appropriate, along the lines we have proposed in the article.

Incidentally, I have available a supply of the article reprints, if hard copies are desired. The article is also available at www.cwru.edu/academic/lawReview/volume52.htm.

Respectfully submitted,

Albert A. Foer President The American Antitrust Institute 202-244-9800