2000 AAI Conference published in University of Pittsburgh Law Review

Jun 12 2001

62 University of Pittsburgh Law Review 429-544 (Spring 2001) contains the collected papers of the First Annual Conference of the American Antitrust Institute, which took place in June, 2000. A limited number of copies is available for contributors (any amount over $3.00) to the AAI. Please send your request and check to: American Antitrust Institute, 2919 Ellicott Street, N.W., Washington, DC 20008-1022.

Table of Contents

Antitrust and the New Economy
Robert E. LitanThe Stealth Assault on Antitrust Enforcement: Raising the Barriers for Antitrust Injury and Standing
Joseph P. BauerIntellectual Property, Antitrust and the New Economy
Linda R. Cohen and Roger G. NollThe Politics of Antitrust in the United States: Public Choice And Public Choices
Albert A. FoerConsumer Choice as the Ultimate Goal of Antitrust
Robert H. LandeChoice as the Focus of Antitrust: A Marketing Perspective
Gregory T. GundlachAntitrust as Consumer Choice: Comments on the New Paradigm
Spencer Weber Waller