Foer Urges Senators to Drop Hold on Appointments to FTC

Jun 24 2004
Testimony and Interventions

Foer Urges Senators to Drop Hold on Appointments to FTC

June 16, 2004

The Hon. Ron Wyden SH-516 Washington, DC 20510

BY FAX 202-228-2717

Dear Senator Wyden:

The American Antitrust Institute is a public interest think tank and advocacy group that supports vigorous and more expansive use of the antitrust laws to promote competition in the interest of consumers. (You may recall, for example, my testimony before the Commerce Committee in opposition to the United-USAirways merger.) Although we do not endorse or oppose candidates or nominees for office, I want to urge you, in the interests of antitrust enforcement, to assist the two nominations for the FTC in going forward to a decision without additional delay.

Both nominees, Deborah Majoras and Jon Leibowitz, are very well-qualified for the positions for which they have been nominated. Importantly, the Federal Trade Commission has generally been functioning well, despite its current conservative orientation. The AAI has often criticized both the FTC and the DOJ for not doing enough, and we will no doubt continue to do so; but we do not want to see the Commission’s momentum slowed by a prolonged transition period as this independent agency undergoes changes in key personnel. We believe such delay would not be good for the agency’s morale or for the public that it serves.


Albert A. Foer