Statement from American Antitrust Institute President Bert Foer on DOJ e-Books Litigation Against Apple

Apr 11 2012

"The collusion of competitors to impose a business model on a retailer would be an unacceptable form of price-fixing," said Bert Foer, president of the American Antitrust Institute, commenting on the Department of Justice's filing today of an antitrust lawsuit against Apple and five of the nation's largest publishers who allegedly conspired to limit competition for the pricing of e-books.

"The practical result of a failure to prosecute this case would be to acquiesce in this scheme to increase the price of e-books. Even though the agency model sought by Apple and the publishers may not in itself be illegal or unethical, to allow manufacturers to collude in the manner alleged would be to undermine the consumer's best protection against the evils of monopolies and cartels," said Foer.

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