Antitrust Primers

Antitrust Primers

AAI: Antitrust in the USA, A Primer

AAI: The Evolution of American Antitrust Law and Policy

AAI: Criminal Antitrust Primer

AAI: Cartel Investigations in the U.S.A.: A Primer

U.S. DOJ: Antitrust Enforcement and the Consumer

U.S. DOJ: An Antitrust Primer for Federal Law Enforcement Personnel

FTC: Competition Counts - How Consumers Win When Businesses Compete (HTML Version)

FTC: Guide to the Antitrust Laws (Plain English)

New York State Attorney General: Antitrust Enforcement in New York

New York Attorney General: Combating Fraud in Public Purchasing

California Department of Justice: Antitrust Enforcement in California - How You Can Help

Connecticut Attorney General: Antitrust Compliance Materials for Small & Mid-size Businesses

Connecticut Attorney General: Price Fixing and Bid Rigging: It Can Happen in Connecticut. An Antitrust Primer for Procurement Professionals.

Loyola University Chicago School of Law: Consumer Guide to Antitrust

Cornell Law School's Legal Information Institute: Antitrust: An Overview

University of Akron Law School: A Law Student's Brief Introduction to Antitrust Law

John Shenefield: The Antitrust Laws: A Primer (Book for sale)

Richard M. Steuer: Executive Summary of the Antitrust Laws

Robert W. Doyle: Mergers and Acquisitions Primer

Professor Michael E. Porter: Competition and Antitrust: Presentation to the ABA Fundamental Theory Taskforce

International Antitrust Primers

European Commission: What is competition policy?

European Commission: Glossary of Terms Used in EU Competition Policy

The Irish Competition Authority: Competition Benefits Everyone

The University of Oxford Centre for Competition Law and Policy: A Brief Overview of American Antitrust Law

The Antitrust Encyclopedia: Comprehensive Guides to the Antitrust Regimes of the EU and EU nations

UNCTAD: Guidebook on Competition Systems

CUTS International: Competition Regimes in the World - A Civil Society Report

Competition Policy International: Rules by Region

European Telecommunications Standards Institute: Guide to Antitrust Compliance

Global Competition Review, The Antitrust Review of the Americas 2014

Global Competition Review, The Asia-Pacific Antitrust Review 2013

Global Competition Review, The European Antitrust Review 2014