AAI's Work Is Now More Important Than Ever

Nov 11 2016
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In the wake of the presidential election, there is uncertainty over what the next four years will mean for the enforcement of our antitrust laws. For nearly 20 years, the American Antitrust Institute (AAI) has been pivotal in creating and shaping the movement for progressive competition enforcement and policy. As the leading independent voice in the competition community, the AAI has both defended antitrust when it has been under attack and charted the way forward when it has been ascending.

AAI's work is now more important than ever. Please make a tax-deductible contribution to support AAI’s vital role.

I have been asked many times over the past few days about how the change in administration will affect AAI’s education, research, and advocacy to promote competition and consumer welfare. My response has been to describe the risks we face, but also the opportunities we can create with the help of sponsors and donors.

The risk is that the change in administration could slow or even reverse the momentum created by the widely recognized need to address declining competition. The problems of rising market concentration, growing income and wealth inequality, and decreasing market entry were front and center on the political agenda before the election. There has been bipartisan support for vigorous public enforcement and heightened scrutiny of mergers and anticompetitive practices.

All of this may now change. A Trump administration's approach to public antitrust enforcement could markedly affect our progress in promoting entrepreneurship and innovation and protecting our market-based system. And, judicial appointments and legislation could indelibly change private enforcement and impinge on the rights of consumers that have been subjected to anticompetitive practices.

At the same time, there are new opportunities moving forward. We can hold the Trump administration to its populist appeals to control concentrated economic power for the benefit of American workers and consumers. The AAI can help translate those appeals into coherent competition policy and promote the priorities outlined in our National Competition Policy statement.

In sum, AAI's education, research, and advocacy is now more important than ever. Please help us continue our work to advance our vital mission of promoting competition that protects consumers, businesses, and society. We cannot do this without your support.


Diana Moss

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