AAI Senior Fellow John Connor's Working Paper Series on the Modern International Cartel Movement

Aug 02 2011

In this five-part working paper series, AAI Senior Fellow John Connor visually illustrates the global size and economic impacts of the modern international cartel movement and the enforcement responses of the world’s antitrust authorities and national courts.  The sample encompasses 640 private hard-core cartels that were subject to government or private legal actions (i.e., formal investigations, damages suits, fines, or consent decrees) between January 1990 and December 2010. Each cartel had participants with headquarters in two or more nations. The sample is believed to be a reasonably complete list of all contemporary private international cartels discovered by jurisdictions with an active press or informative antitrust-authority Web site.  A special effort is made to create charts that illustrate trends in cartel dimensions and antitrust decisions.

View the series: