AAI Launches Jury Instruction Project

Appointment of Professor Joshua Davis as Reporter Announced at AAI’s 5th Annual Future of Private Antitrust Enforcement Conference

WASHINGTON, DC (December 7, 2011) – American Antitrust Institute (AAI) President Bert Foer today announced the creation of a new jury instruction project during the AAI’s 5th Annual Future of Private Antitrust Enforcement Conference.

“In Sherman Act Section 1 and Section 2 civil cases, judges tend to gravitate towards the ABA Model Instructions as the gold standard for impartial instructions,” said Foer. “The AAI believes the ABA model instructions are, in some situations, confusing, out of date, or do not adequately effectuate the goals of the antitrust laws. To provide an alternative, the AAI will develop a set of jury instructions that can be widely disseminated to lawyers and judges.”

The first edition, targeted for 2013, anticipates covering such topics as:
• Market Power
• Illinois Brick
• Monopolization
• Efficiency defense
• Sec. 1 Rule of Reason

The overall Reporter will be Professor Joshua P. Davis of the University of San Francisco Law School, an expert in civil procedure issues relating to antitrust. A committee of AAI Advisory Board members will work with Professor Davis. When completed, the jury instructions will be readily available both in paper and electronic form. They will include narrative discussion to support the recommendations being offered.

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