AAI Launches IP Competition Project

Mar 15 2016
AAI Announcements

Building on its history of involvement in IP competition issues, the AAI is launching the IP Competition Project. The Project brings together AAI’s existing research, education, and advocacy with respect to patent and other IP issues; makes such work a key organizational priority; and expands AAI’s work in new directions. Visit the AAI IP Competition Project page to learn more about specific objectives, priorities, and opportunities to support the initiative. 

“The AAI can be a powerful voice in the IP arena,” said AAI President Diana Moss. “Our positions reflect an appreciation of the value of competition for the benefit of consumers and the public.  That is a perspective that is not always present in IP legal and policy debates,” she added.

The AAI has long advocated a “competition friendly” approach towards problems that arise at the intersection of antitrust and IP law, as well as those within the exclusive domain of patent policy. In recent years, it has been particularly active in seeking to combat abusive conduct by patent trolls and holdup strategies involving standard essential patents.

The IP Competition Project will advance the state of research, education, and advocacy on IP rights and competition and ensure that IP policy promotes—rather than impairs—competitive markets, innovation, and consumer welfare.

As in other areas, AAI’s research and advocacy will largely take the form of amicus briefs, white papers, and agency comments.  In addition, AAI will continue to hold educational workshops or briefings on patent/competition issues, will highlight the IP Competition Project on its website and disseminate information and work product related to it.


For information about the IP Competition Project, please contact:

Richard Brunell
Vice President and General Counsel, American Antitrust Institute

Diana Moss
President, American Antitrust Institute


The AAI invites innovators, entrepreneurs, and incumbent and new entrant firms to help support the IP Competition Project. Opportunities to support this important initiative are available through sponsorships and contributions. For more information, please contact:

Sarah Frey
Communications Manager, American Antitrust Institute