AAI Congratulates FTC on Opening of Intel Investigation

Jun 06 2008
Testimony and Interventions

On August 29, 2007, the American Antitrust Institute urged the Federal Trade Commission to undertake an investigation of Intel Corporation’s alleged anticompetitive activities in the global microchip processor market.

Today, in the wake of an announcement that the Korean Fair Trade Commission has fined Intel approximately $26 million for abusing its dominant position in the South Korean market, after the New York Attorney General’s Office has opened an investigation, and as we await further processes already well under way in the European Union, it was reported by the New York Times and confirmed by Intel that the FTC has formally opened an investigation. Albert Foer, President of AAI, said, “We congratulate the Commission on this decision to open an investigation, which finally brings the U.S. into this landmark monopolization case that is of such great interest all around the world.”The Times article may be found here. The AAI’s 2007 letter to the then-Chairman of the FTC is available here.