AAI Celebrates 15th Anniversary: Commentary from AAI President Bert Foer

Jan 14 2013

We incorporated the AAI as a non-profit education, research, and advocacy organization in 1998, after consultation with a number of experts and advocates who emphasize the value of consumer-oriented antitrust enforcement. The plan, based on my prior experience as a Federal Trade Commission official, lawyer, and business executive, was to build an organization around a multidisciplinary expert corps within the antitrust community. The group would occupy the center and the center-left of the antitrust spectrum, neither libertarian nor populist, but believing strongly that antitrust is necessary to promote and maintain competition and to protect consumers. We would be a counterweight to the conservative think tanks and abusers of market power who routinely oppose antitrust efforts.

Now, 15 years later, the American Antitrust Institute has become a player on the world stage while remaining the focal point for those who believe that a vigorous role for antitrust is essential for the public interest. Read more about our first 15 years years of education and advocacy in our 15th Anniversary Booklet.

This year we celebrate the AAI’s achievements and look forward to fulfilling our role in preserving competition in the public interest. The AAI’s involvement in competition issues has always been made possible by contributions from supporters, revenue generated at our various conferences, and periodic cy pres grants from the courts.

Your ongoing support enables the AAI to:
- Answer the call of consumers, industry, and government to testify and
participate in major
antitrust and regulatory policy events, often via amicus briefs
- Support regular publication in the trade press, economic journals, and law
- Advise the media on antitrust developments
- Examine newly emerging competition issues
- Develop interventions and white papers on major mergers and other
investigations, and
- Educate the public on the value of antitrust.

Thank you for supporting the AAI during these past 15 years. We look forward to your continuing involvement in the future.