AAI Applauds USDA and DOJ for Scheduled Workshops, Foer Tells Conference on Food Concentration

Aug 07 2009

In his luncheon remarks at a conference in St. Louis convened by the Organization for Competitive Markets, AAI President Bert Foer applauded  Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack and Attorney General Eric Holder for recognizing the impact of food consolidation on the U.S. economy by scheduling joint workshops. 

The joint workshops will "address the dynamics of competition in agriculture markets including, among other issues, buyer power (also known as monopsony) and vertical integration," according to a USDA/DOJ press release.  The AAI  looks forward to having a seat at the table for this important discussion.  The AAI hopes that its Transition Report chapter "Fighting Food Inflation through Competition" can serve as a valuable starting point for the agencies.

Read the text of Foer's speech here.