AAI’s Progressive Competition Agenda Has Impact: Help Us Continue Our Essential Work To Protect Competition and Consumers

Dec 26 2017
AAI Announcements

Twenty years ago, the American Antitrust Institute (AAI) started the movement for a progressive approach to antitrust enforcement and policy. AAI continues to be the leader in the progressive space and is highly regarded for its independent and expert analysis of competition issues. It has a major impact on competition enforcement and policy, shaping outcomes that promote markets, innovation, and benefits for consumers.

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I have been asked how growing concerns about the health of competition in the U.S. economy and the fading fortunes of the consumer and worker affect AAI’s research, education, and advocacy mission. My response is that recent developments reaffirm the importance of AAI’s work and provide an opportunity for AAI to have an even greater impact than it has over the last 20 years. 

The importance of antitrust is now at the center of a vibrant debate. The policy spectrum has recently expanded to include additional perspectives. As our work reveals, AAI promotes the fundamental durability of the antitrust laws and their relevance to both traditional and modern markets. AAI also believes the consumer welfare standard to be capable of addressing the price and non-price dimensions of competition such as choice, quality, and innovation. The existing framework can effectively protect all markets, consumers, and workers.

In contrast to conservatives that promote lax enforcement and populists that seek to use the laws for purposes for which they were not designed, AAI will continue to push for more vigorous enforcement under current standards. As we have testified in Congress, the necessary tools are in the antitrust toolkit, but we need enforcers, courts, and legislators that promote a more aggressive approach. This applies to not only specific issues and cases, but also to judicial appointments, legislation, and complementary sector regulation.

Guided by the priorities outlined in our National Competition Policy Statement, and through our amicus briefs, white papers, letters, filings, and other research, education, and advocacy, AAI will point the way toward effective and coherent competition enforcement and policy.

Our mission is more important than ever. Please help us continue to promote competition that protects consumers, businesses, and society. We cannot do this without your support.


Diana Moss

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