Compliance Training

Over the past several years, fines and damages assessed against the corporate community for antitrust violations worldwide have amounted to billions of dollars. Some of these violations were the result of intentional disregard of statutes and regulations. But many were due to company representatives’ lack of familiarity with the antitrust laws and their enforcement, and are hence avoidable.

The American Antitrust Institute created Fair Fight in the Marketplace, an award-winning 27-minute PBS film, to explain in simple terms what the antitrust laws and their enforcement is all about.

Hosted by NPR and Fox News commentator Mara Liasson, the film provides a short, colorful history of the antitrust laws in America and features three recent case studies:

  • Archer Daniels Midland Company leading a worldwide price-fixing conspiracy
  • Mylan Pharmaceuticals cutting off supplies to competitors to inflate product pricing; and
  • Microsoft's bullying behavior to eliminate Netscape as an effective competitor in the internet browser market.

Distinguished authorities in law and economics offer context and commentary, while noted business journalists provide special insights and bring a seemingly impenetrable subject into meaningful focus. Victims from the corporate schemes relate the impact on their lives and give viewers a sense of how antitrust laws affect everyday matters like product pricing, selection, and quality. The video received two national awards for documentaries.

The Fair Fight in the Marketplace video has been selected by large U.S. and international companies for use in their worldwide internal antitrust compliance program.

To license Fair Fight in the Marketplace for your own internal antitrust compliance programs, please contact AAI President Diana Moss at We welcome inquiries regarding licensing arrangements and/or the provision of related expert services that might be helpful to the development or execution of an effective antitrust training program.