White Papers

The AAI’s White Paper series provides timely, high-quality economic, legal, and institutional analysis of competitive issues that arise in current, high-profile antitrust cases. The analysis is designed for rapid dissemination to the antitrust community and media to offer a thought-provoking framework for evaluating competitive issues. White Papers do not necessarily convey a definitive “position” to oppose a merger or promote a certain outcome. Depending on the facts, coupled with reasoned judgment of experts within AAI and alignment with past AAI positions, a WP conveys three possible messages:

  • Urging the relevant antitrust agency to take specific action, such as to conduct an investigation, block a merger, prohibit a certain type of conduct, or require significant remedial measures to restore competition, etc.
  • Urging the relevant antitrust agency to “carefully scrutinize” potentially problematic competitive issues, identified and analyzed in the paper
  • Neutrally analyzing complex questions of fact and competition policy presented by the case, the pros and cons of which are outlined in the paper The position adopted will be approved by the Board of Directors.