18th Annual Conference: The Value of Antitrust

Jun 21

18th Annual Conference: The Value of Antitrust

Date: June 21, 2017
Location: National Press Club, Washington DC

On June 21, 2017, the American Antitrust Institute hosted its 18th Annual Conference. This year’s event took up the important topic: The Value of Antitrust. The change in administration is an opportune time to take stock of why and how antitrust remains a central policy tool for promoting a market economy, competition, innovation, and consumer benefits. Growing concerns over declining competition, slowing rates of market entry, and inequality gaps have put antitrust into the spotlight. Mounting economic evidence on the effects of past mergers, efficiencies, and remedies has given competition enforcers and proponents of fair competition reasons to be more vigilant in scrutinizing further consolidation and potentially anticompetitive behavior. 

AAI's 18th Annual Conference assessed the value of antitrust in a number of ways, across four panels:

  • What’s Past is Prologue: How Yesterday’s Mergers Shape Today’s Merger Enforcement
  • The Public/Private Partnership in Antitrust Enforcement
  • Greatest Hits in Antitrust - Mergers, Monopoly, and More
  • Competition and Innovation – Theory, Practice, and Current Controversies

The conference included a gala luncheon featuring the presentation of the 2017 AAI Antitrust Achievement Award and the Jerry S. Cohen Award for Antitrust Scholarship.

4.5 CLE credits were available.