14th Annual Energy Roundtable

May 06

14th Annual Energy Roundtable

Date: May 06, 2014
Location: National Rural Electric Cooperative Association, 4301 Wilson Blvd. Arlington, Virginia

The AAI marks its 14th Annual Energy Roundtable - The Changing U.S. Generation Fleet: What Does it Mean for Competition? - by gathering experts in antitrust and regulation from government, industry, academia, and advocacy to discuss major competition policy issues involving electricity and energy. In U.S. electricity markets, major changes in the composition of the generation fleet are in play. These changes are driven by the complex and shifting landscape that shapes investment decisions and market participation by investor-owned utilities; municipal and cooperative utilities; merchant generators; transmission developers; and even energy services companies.

Fuel price dynamics, federal and state policies for portfolio standards and energy efficiency, generation subsidies, environmental emissions standards (e.g., carbon), and even global trade and competition issues are key determinants of the relative costs of different generation sources. This year’s AAI Energy Roundtable will first assess how these factors are changing the U.S. generation fleet. The discussion will then turn to assessing how such changes are affecting entry and market structure, as well as competitive incentives in U.S. electricity markets. This year’s Energy Roundtable will broaden the lens to analyze how the U.S. experience can be informed by developments abroad, particularly European electricity markets, where significant changes are afoot.

The day will open with our traditional “Year in Review,” followed by moderated morning and afternoon panel discussions. The morning panel will focus on key developments that affect generation capacity decisions and participation in U.S. electricity markets. The afternoon panel will focus on how such changes affect the competitive landscape of U.S. electricity markets, both in terms of changing market structures and competitive incentives in those markets.

The AAI thanks the sponsors of this event:
• American Public Power Association
• National Rural Electric Cooperative Association