R. Shyam Khemani

R. Shyam

R. Shyam Khemani specializes in providing applied economic analysis, litigation support and economic research services to law firms, corporations, government and trade associations on complex competition and regulatory matters.

Until recently, he was Advisor, Competition Policy, in the Financial & Private Sector Development Vice-Presidency of the World Bank Group, Washington D.C. He has advised governments and business in over two dozen industrial and developing countries on various competition, regulation, micro-industrial economics, and international trade issues.

During 2000-2002 he resided in Paris, France, where he served as Director, Law & Economics Consulting Group (LECG) European operations and was involved in policy and case specific issues in different jurisdictions, including the European Union. Previously he worked with the Canadian Competition Bureau where he was Chief Economist and Director of Economics & International Affairs, and earlier, Adviser on merger policy.

In these capacities he team-led the analysis of complex merger cases and other competition issues across a wide spectrum of industries and markets, and contributed to the barriers to entry and economic efficiency sections of the merger guidelines. He also contributed to the work of two Royal Commissions in Canada dealing with issues of industrial concentration, competition policy, competitiveness and economic growth, and has appeared as an expert before parliamentary committees and regulatory institutions. He also served as an Advisor to the Chairman, Raghavan committee in regards to drafting of India’s new competition law and policy.

He is a member of the Advisory Board of the Bureau of National Affair’s Antitrust and Trade Regulation Report, co-Director of the International Bar Association’s Global Forum on Competition, and serves on various working groups of the American Bar Association, the International Chambers of Commerce, the International Competition Network and CUTS-an NGO based in India. He has served on the Faculty of Business Administration and Commerce at the University of British Columbia, and several other Canadian universities.

Dr. Khemani has published monographs, articles in various journals (e.g., Journal of Industrial Economics, International Journal of Industrial Organization, Antitrust Bulletin, Applied Economics, Policy Options, etc.), and co-edited books on competition policy.