Book Review: Competition Policy and Merger Analysis in Deregulated and Newly Competitive Industries

Nov 13 2008

A collection of essays by AAI Advisory Board Members Peter Carstensen and Beth Farmer (the two co-editors), Tim Greaney, and Diana Moss has just been published by Edward Elgar.

Read the review of Competition Policy And Merger Analysis In Deregulated And Newly Competitive Industries. Edited by Peter C. Carstensen, George C. Young-Bascom Professor of Law, University of Wisconsin, Madison, US and Susan Beth Farmer, Professor of Law, Dickinson Law School, Pennsylvania State University (November 2008, 264 pp.

A number of important American industries have undergone a significant transformation from direct regulation to a market-oriented system, commonly referred to as deregulation. Recognized scholars examine seven of these industries – electricity, natural gas pipelines, telecommunications, railroads, airlines, hospitals and banking – to show how competition policy generally and merger policy in particular have performed. In addition, the EU experience of deregulation is compared to that in the US.

Contributors: P.C. Carstensen, J. Chen, S.B. Farmer, T.L. Greaney, C.M. Grimm, D.L. Moss, R.J. Pierce, B. Shull