Antitrust Bulletin Publishes Two Special Volumes on RPM After Leegin, Based on AAI Conference

Sep 04 2010

AAI Senior Fellow Gregory Gundlach edited this collection of essays, many of which are by AAI Advisory Board members. With permission of the Antitrust Bulletin, we reprint Dr. Gundlach's Overview (Antitrust analysis of resale price maintenance after Leegin) and the table of contents with information on how to order copies of the volumes.

To order this issue of the Antitrust Bulletin (55 Antitrust Bulletin No. 1 Spring 2010 and No. 2 Summer 2010), contact Customer Services, Att'n: Peggy Nudo, 39 Lakeview Road, Carmel, NY 10512 or call 845-228-5086.