AAI Releases Fifth Installment of Report on Antitrust and Entrepreneurship

Aug 09 2016
AAI Announcements

As part of its Report on Antitrust and Entrepreneurship, the American Antitrust Institute today released another paper.  In “The View from the Shop - Antitrust and the Decline of America’s Independent Businesses,” Stacey Mitchell of the Institute for Local Self-Reliance explains how small businesses have declined in numbers and share across many sectors of the economy, in part because of anticompetitive behavior by dominant firms. She discusses reasons to bring a commitment to small businesses and fair markets back into antitrust policy.

The Report on Antitrust and Entrepreneurship is a part of an AAI project, made possible by a grant from the Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation. The AAI’s focus on antitrust and entrepreneurship is motivated by the importance of entrepreneurial activity for competition and economic growth. 

The Report will include seven papers that examine the important relationship between entrepreneurial activity and competition policy and enforcement that is key to an economy that revolves around job creation, investment, innovation, higher living standards, consumer benefits, and the long-term vibrancy of the economy. Authors and commenters examine a variety of issues and questions, including: factors that make up the mindset of successful entrepreneurs; the requisite competition enforcement environment that fosters and supports the entrepreneurial process; and aspects of entrepreneurial activity that challenge competition and economic growth.