AAI Hosts Public Interest Advocacy Workshop on Mergers

Oct 11 2013

On October 11, the American Antitrust Institute hosted representatives of ten organizations in a first-time workshop on mergers for public interest advocates. The group heard presentations by AAI Advisory Board members: Robert Doyle (Doyle, Barlow & Mazard) on the law of mergers; George Stover (Consumers Union) on consumer harm from anticompetitive mergers; David Balto (Law Offices of David Balto) on dealing with federal antitrust agencies; Pamela Gilbert (Cuneo, Gilbert & LaDuca) on dealing with Congress; Randy Stutz (AAI) on amicus briefs; and Gene Kimmelman (Global Partners & Assoc.) on public interest coalitions. AAI President Bert Foer announced that the new AAI website, which will be launched later this year, will include a section dedicated to assisting public interest advocates in handling their issues that have competitive aspects.